Wines From Piedmont Azienda Bragagnolo - Valle Bagnario, Strevi

The Company Bragagnolo Vini Passiti

The history of Bragagnolo Vini Passiti started in the ‘30s with a sharecropping contract. At that time, the Company had a mixed nature: it consisted of a cellar, woods and lands cultivated in cereals, mulberry trees for silk worms, cherry-trees, grapes and fodder for oxen.
The reputation of the Company arrived quickly thanks to the quality of white and red wines. Then the hard work and the passion led to the specialisation in the production of Passito wines made of the best Moscato and Brachetto grapes, two excellences of this area.
The vineyard management has always been characterised by the respect for the earth ecosystem, considering the soil and the life that grows on it as an indivisible body and soul.


The high professionalism, the passion and the ability to combine the everlasting winemaking tradition of Strevi with the needs of today consumers, have enabled the launch of modern and refined wines: Passito as well as table wines and sweet filtered ones.
D.O.C. Strevi Passito and D.O.C.G. Acqui Passito born in the pursuit of goodness and genuineness, two “ad hoc” creations dedicated to an enthusiast public: they represent a perfect blend of quality, form, functionality and technology with a great attention to the most discerning palates and the most demanding chefs.
The red and white wines, genuine and traditional, retain their varietal characteristics and, in addition to their excellent drinkability, possess the ability to enrich every consume moment.
The extension and versatility of Bragagnolo Vini Passiti allow visitors to relax and fully appreciate the area of Strevi through different activities: walking or cycling through woods and vineyards, cellar tours, tastings in the Passiteria or outdoor, picnics or mixed grills.

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