i migliori passiti del Piemonte Acqui DOCG da uva moscato brachetto
Passito Acqui Doc

Acqui DOCG Passito from Brachetto grapes

…the wine of love…
Among our Passito wines, you will find a very rare one produced from Brachetto grapes. After 2004 vintage, it is proposed again the vintage 2011 with a new DOCG: Acqui Passito. Acqui DOCG Passito 2011 Passion “…desire…” unique in the world, is born from the shrivelled vinification of a very particular aromatic red grape, mostly known in its sparkling form, Acqui DOCG Brachetto. So, from Brachetto grapes it is obtained a Passito whose colour, aroma and flavour recall a rose: very pleasant characteristics, sweets, enchanting and extremely elegant.

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