i migliori passiti del Piemonte Strevi Doc e Acqui Docg


Piedmont is the vineyard region par excellence, where the great DOC and DOCG wines born.


Strevi is located in the hills of Alto Monferrato, few kilometres far from Acqui Terme. Strevi shares its origin with Trisobbio: the legend says that Trisobbio was founded by three sober brothers (…tres sobrii…) while Strevi was founded by seven drunken brothers (…septem ebrii…); then, the name Septembrium became Strevi. The seven goblets of the drunken brothers are still part of the Municipality emblem.

Bagnario Valley

It is also called “Sheikhs Valley” as its Moscato and Brachetto vineyards represent the richness of Strevi. Bagnario Valley is part of “Paesaggi Vitivinicoli di Langhe – Roero e Monferrato” that in 2014 have been recognised as UNESCO world heritage site.

Bragagnolo Vini Passiti

Wine producer specialised in the production of Passito wines.

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